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  • 03-15-2019
  • Yoram Zaguri

We are exposed today to energies that did not exist decades ago. Many new diseases and sicknesses have developed since including "Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity" “EHS” and new types of cancer. Both may have links to long-term, low level, exposure to Electromagnetic fields “EMF” and radio-frequency waves “RF”. EMF is a man-made pollutant that consists of AC Electric Fields and AC Magnetic Fields. It is produced from live electrical wiring, electric appliances, and electronic devices. RF waves are produced by all wireless communication products.

Electromagnetic fields EMF are invisible but exist everywhere. They are detrimental to our health and it is necessary to reduce the exposure to them. Trupeak Electric specializes in electrical pollution detection and mitigation. We have the knowledge and instrumentation to measure, detect and reduce these fields.

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