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About Us

Truepeak Electric is a leading electrical service company that performs electromagnetic radiation testing, electrical thermal imaging and other custom electrical solutions for residential, commercial and industrial clients. Our goal is to create a safe, healthy and functional indoor environment with low EMF levels through a reasonable and practical approach.

We are a full-service electrical company, California state licensed and insured, specialized in all facets of residential, commercial and industrial electrical construction, service, maintenance and more.

Truepeak Electric is identified with top-notch standards of service, quality and personal attention to clients. We adhere to the classic principle of exceeding customer expectations with our professional service and knowledgeable staff while applying new methods and technologies.

CEO, Yoram Zaguri

Practical Engineer, Licensed Electrician C-10, Measures Radiation, Thermographer.

Expert at performing measurements of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation from electricity and cellular networks.

Mr.Zaguri educational background includes a practical electric engineer degree, California state Electrician License C-10, and also a foreign certification to carry out measurements of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation and ionizing radiation (radon gas). Mr.Zaguri enrolled and undergone training in the best and top-ranked universities and also did quite a number of measurements before becoming certified. He taught and groomed hundreds of students to become certified electrician, through his vast knowledge of the field.

Mr.Zaguri has 30 years of experience in the electricity field, years in which he has acquired extensive knowledge and experience in performing quality electrical projects, checking electrical facilities, electrical panels, thermal imaging, radiation tests and handle a variety of custom electrical solutions for clients needs using the most advanced technologies.

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