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The importance of thermal Imaging inspection

  • 01-11-2017
  • Yoram Zaguri

As we know, some of the fires in buildings, whether in factories, public buildings or residential buildings, are caused by failures in electrical systems.


The hazards are greater in places where flammable and explosive materials are used, and electrical system defects can have severe consequences on the safety of people staying in the area and on the property.


Fire in electrical systems has other dangers like inhalation of toxic smoke emitted from plastic materials, cables and other elements of the electrical system.


In addition to the direct danger from fire, electrical system faults also pose a risk of electric shock. The importance of this subject is obvious. Periodic inspections of buildings in general and in buildings such as hospitals, nursing homes, schools, hotels, and offices in particular.


In addition to the importance of thermal imaging inspection in terms of safety, early detection and repair of defects, ensure the normal and continuous operation of electrical systems and prevent future malfunctions, preventing unwanted power outages and financial losses.


Thermal imaging inspection is carried out during work and do not interfere with the normal functioning of the work.


At the end of the survey and analysis of the data using appropriate software, the client will receive a report detailing the defects, their location, possible causes of the defect and recommendations for further action, if defects are found. In the event that defects are not found, the customer will receive confirmation that no abnormalities and abnormal temperatures were found at the time of the inspection.


It is customary to think that thermal imaging inspections are intended for enterprises, businesses and large institutions only. This is not the case, as fires are known to occur in small electrical panels, and therefore it is recommended to carry them out in residential homes as well. It is especially important to perform a thermal imaging inspection periodically, in order to prevent both malfunctions and future fires.

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