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Buying or renting a house? Check the radiation level

  • 02-14-2017
  • Yoram Zaguri

When we move, whether we buy or rent, we usually check the apartment for the following things:

The size of the kitchen, the number of bathrooms, the size of the balcony or the garden, the quality of the neighborhood residents, whether there are kindergartens and nearby schools, whether there is public transportation nearby and more ...

Have you ever given serious consideration to air pollution in your apartment or house before buying or renting?

Considering the air pollution, in general, is very important, but the intention, in this case, is air pollution resulting from sources of electromagnetic non-ionizing radiation, such as electricity network, a cellular network, WI-FI and more.

We cannot see the electromagnetic radiation, cannot smell, cannot sense, and as it is hidden from our eyes, its importance is also hidden from our understanding.

Electromagnetic radiation can be "seen" only by using measuring instruments, and with that, we can know its existence and intensity and the degree of danger to which we are exposed.

Electromagnetic radiation has an impact on the quality of our lives and our health. We can not and do not want to break away from modernization, technology, and its advantages.

We would certainly like to minimize exposure to its negative effects, especially electromagnetic radiation, using the precautionary principle.

Here are some possible causes that you should be exposed to and know their potential hazards, increase your awareness and thus reduce your exposure to danger.



Electrical panels at home


The electrical panel is the heart of the electrical system, and all the home electrical circuits are connected to the electrical panel. These electric conductors carry electric current, as is known every electric current carries an electric current creates a magnetic field around it, it is possible to understand and estimate what happens in the electric board that contains a large number of conductors carrying electric current.

The larger the current, the stronger the magnetic field, the more it is possible to understand that the magnetic field created around the main conductors feeding the electric panel is particularly high.



Transformers that are located near the house


Sometimes the power company’s transformers are located near residential buildings, the role of these transformers is to change the corresponding voltages and currents.

The current flowing through these transformers creates a magnetic field around it. The larger the transformer current, the greater the magnetic field in the vicinity.



Power cables exposed and visible


As we mentioned, a conductor carrying a current creates a magnetic field around it, as it does around the cables that are buried in the walls of the house. Sometimes these cables pass near our bed, but because they are hidden in the wall, we do not feel the danger.



Appliances in the close vicinity


Even active electrical appliances emit magnetic field "radiation." It is recommended not to stay in the vicinity of electrical appliances while they are active.

For example, a heater, a computer, a microwave, a hairdryer (you need to be careful when using these).



Lighting Fixtures


It is important to make sure that the lighting fixtures used have relatively low current consumption, such as an electronic ballast or fluorescent LED.



Routers, WI-FI, and connection via network cables


The use of the WIFI network is expanding and is also being used in our home. We do not need to give up using it but reduce the exposure to the electromagnetic radiation emitted by using network cables in any case. For example, we can prefer connecting computers via a network cable rather than a wireless network.



Radiation testing


As mentioned, radiation cannot be sensed, seen or smelled, so it is recommended to perform a periodic radiation test.

It must be ascertained that the radiation inspector is experienced and equipped with quality and accurate instruments, instruments suitable for the necessary tests and for providing recommendations and solutions if required.

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