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What is a Thermal Imaging?

  • 05-17-2017
  • Yoram Zaguri

Thermal imaging, or thermographic scanning, is actually a look at the power system with a dedicated camera. This camera has a special sensor that is sensitive to infrared radiation.

This infrared radiation is actually emitted from anything in nature which has a temperature above absolute zero.

Through this special camera that includes an electronic system, the camera translates this radiation, which is invisible to the human eye, into a visible image for people.

In fact, you get an image showing the temperature at each point and different colors that refer to the temperature.

After receiving the picture, the data must be analyzed using appropriate software and an experienced, professional electrician that will understand what is happening.

In addition, the use of additional instruments, such as a flow meter, and the integration of all these factors will allow us to arrive at the correct conclusions and recommendations for the solution and to prevent the future fire.



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