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What is important to check before buying a house?

  • 06-21-2017
  • Yoram Zaguri

When we move, whether we buy or rent, we usually check the apartment for the following things:

The size of the kitchen, the number of bathrooms, the size of the balcony or the garden, the quality of the neighborhood residents, whether there are kindergartens and nearby schools, whether there is public transportation nearby and more ...

Have you ever given a thought on the electrical system as part of choosing the apartment or house before buying or renting?

We do not see the electricity system because it is hidden from our eyes. It is also important to note that a normal functioning electrical system is very important with regards to daily use, both from the comfort and the safety aspect, a proper electrical system will prevent us from severe disasters such as electric shock, fires, and unnecessary financial expenses.

Here are a few important tests that need to be done, of course by an authorized electrician for our safety and peace of mind.



Electrical panel


The electrical panel is the heart of the electrical system, and all the home electrical circuits are connected to the electrical panel. The electrical panel can have loose contacts that can cause electrical connections to be smashed and burned.

High currents in the electric panel can increase the temperature in the panel and thus around the mussels inside it. This can lead to overheating, which can lead to the melting of the insulation of the conductors and the conductors themselves, which leads to shortening and fire.



Grounding system


The grounding system is of great importance, as part of the grounding function is to enable the proper operation of the protective accessories whose role is to prevent disaster such as fire or, God forbid, poisoning the members of the household.

Another function of the grounding system is the stabilization of the voltage, the transmission of lightning strikes to the general mass of the Earth.





In the socket test, it is important to know that the socket is properly connected, that the wiring connections are correct and not reversed accidentally, ensuring the grounding at each outlet where a grounding conductor must be connected.



Lighting system


When checking the lighting system, it is important to ensure that the lighting fixtures are properly connected d to the main grid.

To ensure that the level of illumination in all areas of the house or apartment is at a sufficient level, that you do not find a level of illumination too low or too high that may cause us discomfort and fatigue as a result of effort. Make sure that the lighting system is efficient and economical.



Conductor insulation test


The electrical conductors are coated with insulation that is supposed to create a separation between the electric conductor and anything else nearby, thereby preventing electrical faults and electrocution. The insulation has special properties that are "lost" over time due to various reasons such as heating, wearing off.

As these properties lose their value, the ability of the material to create isolation is decreased. As a result, faults occur in the electrical system, such as short circuits that cause the circuit breakers to disconnect the current, malfunctions that may lead to malfunction and failures that can end with fire.

It is very important that this test be performed by a qualified electrician who has the necessary equipment to perform this test.



GFCI propriety check


The GFCI socket is no longer a standard socket, beyond the use of it as a normal socket. This socket is equipped with an internal system designed to protect the user from shock.

This socket can detect leakage of current into the ground, both in the case of human contact in the phase and in the contact of any other electric conductor in the metallic coating of an electric consumer, and to disconnect the source of the voltage, thereby preventing the user from electrifying.




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